H. C. Watkins Art
Handmade Beaded art by Carter Watkins


All of these pieces are available for purchase. All of these pieces were hand made by Carter Watkins himself.

Alpine Longhorn

Alpine Longhorn


This is a signature piece- One of the largest skulls I have ever done, with a highly complex design using over 60 different colors of beads. This was the first time I’ve ever hand-dyed beads-the light blues near the base of the horns.

The Alpine Longhorn depicts a Big Bend Chisos mountains landscape with three grazing longhorns. Prickly pear cactus in the foreground around the snout. A gray-Navy gradient sky with a rolling cumulus cloud in the center.

I purchased this stunningly beautiful longhorn skull from a shop in Alpine Texas. This is a real Longhorn skull, a lot of the skulls you see at taxidermy stores are cow skulls with horns added posthumously. This is a real Texas Longhorn, not a burger-cow.

Texas residents, if you are interested in purchasing the Alpine Longhorn, I will personally deliver and install. we can discuss compensation for my time and travel fees.

If you live outside of Texas this piece will need to be insured and professionally handled, packed, and shipped. I would suggest having it professionally installed as well. Its a large awkward shape and it is very fragile. Please write me an email if you are interested and Ill get you a quote on the packing and shipping.

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