H. C. Watkins Art
Handmade Beaded art by Carter Watkins


All of these pieces are available for purchase. All of these pieces were hand made by Carter Watkins himself.

Paramount Corsican Ram 2019

Paramount Corsican Ram 2019


The design was inspired by the Paramount Theatre Marquee sign. Originally I had no intention of putting “paramount” in the middle of the skull, but when i finished beading it looked like I might be able to fit the letters in there. So I took a pic, loaded it into photoshop and double checked to see if it would fit. I had the perfect amount of space. If you are NOT The Paramount Theatre in Austin Texas, and you like the look and colors but would prefer it without the “paramount” I can remove the letters.

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If you would prefer this skull without the “PARAMOUNT” please contact me and allow a couple days for me to remove the letters.