H. C. Watkins Art
Handmade Beaded art by Carter Watkins


All of these pieces are available for purchase. All of these pieces were hand made by Carter Watkins himself.

Texas Wildflowers & Snakes 2017-2019

Texas Wildflowers & Snakes 2017-2019


This is a one of a kind piece of art completed in April 2019. The design- Native Texas wildflowers (2 bluebonnets, a mexican hat, an indian paintbrush, and a yellow rose!) Behind the flowers is a Texas hill country landscape with rolling hills, blooming wildflower fields, and a couple cacti. On the side, wrapping the entire body of the guitar, is 4 native Texas snakes: coral snake, diamondback rattlesnake, a common king snake, and a milk snake. The head of the guitar features the continuation of the blue sky gradient with a mid-day sun in the center. each bead was placed one at a time. the design was totally improvised as I worked on it. This is the most beautiful piece of art I have ever made. The guitar is functional- but it should be treated like a piece of art. Display it, dont take it on tour. If you are interested in purchasing this guitar please choose ‘Local pickup’ as the shipping method. I will need to get a quote for professional packing and shipping (with insurance).


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