H. C. Watkins Art
Handmade Beaded art by Carter Watkins


All of these pieces are available for purchase. All of these pieces were hand made by Carter Watkins himself.

Van Gogh's Irises on Parlor Guitar 2018

Van Gogh's Irises on Parlor Guitar 2018


After I finished the Starry night guitar I decided to go buy another guitar to use as a canvas. I bought this “Music King” parlor guitar. I totally eyeballed the artwork for the Starry Night guitar, but I didn’t think I would get as lucky with the Irises guitar. So I created a grid on the surface of the guitar and made a corresponding template in illustrator. The beadwork on this guitar covers the entire front facing surface and wraps around the edge .25 in, This includes the head of the guitar.


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